lynn park is a woman /

                 a photographer /
                 a writer /
                 an artist /
                 a lover/
                 and a seeker /

                 world without end amen /

i take pictures.
i write.
i use a wheelchair that is a tool and not a definition.
i love my friends and my cat, who love me back.
i pray.
i am one of the 98 percent
and I support occupy as best i can.
i have a dry and sometimes twisted wit.
i know grief and i know joy.
oh how i know joy.

to paint the deep and glowing dark
in tones of light that do not lie
this is my task before i die

and i know longing:

oh yes i harbor desire in this deviant body /
these veiny bones have roots /
that go down deep /
into what does not see /
what cannot be seen /

but most of all i know this: nothing essential has been denied me

i’ve been concentrating on photography for six years and feel as though I’ve come home. at i pretty much let my pictures speak for themselves. when it’s finished, will include photographs accompanying short essays on all manner of subjects, an archived collection of my poetry, selected sermons, and journal excerpts.

and of course there are many ways of saying the same thing:

i’m middle-aged, single, and use a power chair because of osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as “the brittle bone disease.” this is both central–and peripheral–to my existence. i have a bi-chambered heart in that my sensibilities are both christian and buddhist. I am a transplanted southerner glad never to have lost all my accent. i believe that every event is proof of the possible and therefore must not be discounted–AND that it’s never too late to have a wild and gracious future. i used to have a passionate attachment to diet pepsi (alas, i can’t do caffeine any more) and still don’t particularly like vegetables!