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May I wish each of you the happiest and most whole-making of Easter seasons–and may i explain a long absence. In December–the14th to be exact–I had a bad fall that necessitated months of rehabilitation, a process that is still ongoing now that I’m home. It’s good to be with my images, my cameras, and my photo friends.
Friday–the Crucifixion, the Temple veil ripping, the suddenly dark sky–and Sunday–the best brought out of evil and defeat, a tomb that stays empty, broken hearts that begin to be filled with joy and astonishment as real as bread. The texts testify to this much, and more, but of Saturday not a word–not a word about the Reality that holds reality in place.
One hint: the Apostles’ Creed has him going down and harrowing hell. First preconceptions include dark tones, lugubrious and seemly processions that mimic joy, the formal transfer of power from a despotic regime to the new authority of love which offers freedom in a never-ending moment. We can’t “know” the way we know calculus or botany, but we do know from the mystery of our own Saturdays, which have opened into graced newness. That’s knowing enough.

Today is Saturday, tomorrow is Sunday–Easter, when we can say, “He is risen indeed!”