Yep, Mr Blue is back–this time at our local (2+ miles) mall. Someone told me they had “seen” him at Starbucks. Yesterday I called first, to find if it had been painted over yet, and when I said I wanted to take a picture of it, the young barrista immediately got suspicious and worried I was up to no good! I was halfway afraid I’d arrive to find waiting police.

The tag is not on the building itself but on the dumpster enclosure. Mission accomplished, I went inside to get a pastry and asked the barrista if she was the one I had talked to. “No, but I heard about it. We just want things to be safe. As long as you’re doing it for your pleasure [I didn’t mention his worldwide fans!], it’s all right.”

A funny little story, definitely worth a bus ride–and the driver on the way home had a delicious New Orleans accent and comped me my dollar ticket after some friendly flirting.

Mr Blue, you may have gathered, is a tagger, one whose work I’ve been photographing for the last few years. Now, I know all the arguments against graffiti and defacing private property–and most of the time I agree, especially when it’s ugly. But Mr Blue charms me and I cheer him on, though both he and I can be taken to task by strict conservationists of the public space and most definitely the owners of the property he chooses to be his canvas.

Be that as it may, I want to meet Mr Blue, have him write that name on a 16″ x 20″ canvas board that I’ll then frame and hang in a place of honor in my home. I haven’t quite figured out how to do that. I don’t know if he visits his old sites so I don’t know if he’d ever see a note I left. And if I did leave a note, he might think it was from the police. And I certainly wouldn’t want my phone number and name out there for various and sundry possibly disreputable types to find.

But it occurs to me that I can, and will, place an ad in the personals section of the East Bay Express, our local free paper. As long as I use a disposable email address, what could be the harm?

I just might come out of it with my own personal Mr Blue–and another good story.

[Note: I have a collection of 35 Mr Blue sightings at To see them, go to Lynn Park, click Organize & Create (third tab at upper left), select Collections & Sets, then choose Mr Blue.]