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Lori’s Diner

Late in life Agatha Christie was a houseguest at a large estate in the English countryside. She came down to breakfast one morning and failed to stifle a series of yawns. When asked why she was so sleepy, she replied that one of her early novels was being reprinted–and the night before she had realized that she couldn’t remember the identity of the villain. So she had stayed up till she finished the book!

This morning I didn’t have anything brand-new that I liked for my daily photo blog ( so I went rummaging through old pictures, some rejects, some I had already used, and all of a sudden “Lori’s Diner” appeared on my monitor. Did I take that? I had no immediate memory of having done so. Hmm. Well, it must be mine, so I used it–and the Christie story came to mind.

Now I think I took this photograph at the Elm Street Mall in Emeryville, but I’m still not sure. I must have been with Barbara Boughton, but I’m not sure about that either. Nonetheless, I like it that I can surprise myself. I hope Agatha liked how the book came out.

Icon by Mark Dukes at St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, San Francisco