One of my dearest friends had exploratory surgery yesterday. She’s been told she’ll be three days in the hospital and will likely have a painful, weeklong recouperation. I know it will be a while before she checks her email, but I still sent this picture to her this morning, with the wish that this freshlet of beauty, like the drops of water that speak to where we are parched, bring her ease and comfort.

And I got to thinking: freshlets. Little moments that catch the eye and heart, that may stop us and even turn us around.

Today, for me, it was going at 6:30 in the morning to the Coke machine at the pool of my apartment complex to get my daily kick-start of Diet Coke. The light was still new and the air was just cool enough to announce its presence. I hadn’t even begun to indulge my habitual nattering that I shouldn’t have so much caffeine, that I shouldn’t spend the money on expensive individual cans, that I shouldn’t. . . .

And there they were, these purple flowers whose name I do not know still clothed with remnants of the day’s watering. I stopped and looked. “I have to get my camera.” In the few minutes I was gone the light did not change, the droplets did not dry up. And I came back to see more clearly, to play with light and air and color and form, and dials and settings and exposures.

The bejewelled flowers were a freshlet, as was the interlude, as is something it stirred in me.