This is the first time I’ve ever featured someone else’s picture here but this one is too rich not to take into myself in some real way. And since for me words and pictures are about as real as it easily gets, I’m putting it in my blog.

It’s a rich picture, lots going on: John Wayne, a pristine coiled hose, Ellison Street Interiors, and a sidewalk empty of everything except a disabled “Reserved Parking” sign. I can imagine a gunfighter–this time a disabled gunfighter being scared to death but standing his ground anyway against some unseen villain 40 paces down the street, the hot sun baking down on them both, as they wait for the town clock to hit 12.

For myself, I don’t know so much about being scared to death of what I have to do, the life I live, as I do about being scared to death of not being able to do, not being able to live the life I live on my own. As long as I can keep saddling up anyway, that will keep one set of fears at bay.

And I’m somehow cheered by the image of a parking sign standing guard at the end of the street in the small Western town. Heck, John Wayne is just back-up.

Note: “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway” comes from the photostream of Texas Finn on Please check out his other wonderful photographs.