Blue. Bird.
Originally uploaded by Lynn Park

“Goes bob, bob, bobbin’ along.” I don’t have any robin pictures so this will have to do.

It’s been a week since Anita told me she wanted to quit, to take a job with more hours. And the situation has resolved itself quite nicely.

The next day she said her employer-to-be told her she wanted to give some of Anita’s hours (the reason she was taking the job in the first place) to a former caregiver who had come back on the scene. This did not sit well with Anita, not well at all. “If she does that now, what might she do later?

“Can I have my job back? I’ll be loyal to you.”

And I said yes. The things that had been getting on my nerves seem to have become non-issues, and we’re settling in well, establishing our own routine, which includes starting the day with a few minutes of hot chocolate and talk.

No, not a bad outcome at all, and the red, red robin does go bob, bob, bobbin’ along.

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