Come in
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Still feeling my way with the newness of blogging, sensing into the difference (or what will be the difference for me) between blogging and journaling, noticing my desire to play with my new toy all the time, which is not the point and would surely after the fact bore me and any reader. But an excitement nonetheless.

My first take on the blogging/journaling distinction is that blogging is ideas and journaling is feelings, to put it broadly, but for me ideas are feelings and feelings are ideas. The tricky part is where other people come in. How much will I feel free to write my feelings–okay, my negative or critical feelings–about other people? I think the key point will be to reference the other person and then to go beyond that person or situation, to allow myself a longer view through an exploration (guided or not!) of where this going beyond, which is the essence of process, takes me.

“The fire and the rose are one.” That’s what process offers the apparent contradiction between privacy and expression, too much disclosure or impenetrable resolve. And I’m getting the sense that one way my writing got stuck, or derailed, in the past was by being too interior. I was trying, with all my heart, to limn my subjective experience–and to break out of that I would do “writerly” exercises involving the outside world. But somehow that didn’t do the trick, probably because I had no vital connection to the slice of the outside world I chose to write about.

But now, with my photograph as a kind of liminal object, something feels different. For example, the picture of the open door speaks to the situation around Judith’s leaving, and much else. I don’t necessarily have to write about that “much else” here, at this moment, to have it resonate in what and how I write and in how I come to the writing.

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