Hooray! I figured out how to send a picture from Flickr to the blog. Was thinking I’d have to get somebody to show me, but again, I did it myself, I taught myself.

This is the BART steps at the 12th Street Station in downtown Oakland. I’m looking between railings that go across the top, fitted the lens in between. The wall actually is a much duller color and, if the photograph hadn’t shown it, if it weren’t there to be pulled out, I would have sworn there was no reflection. I like that the diagonal doesn’t slice the picture plane into two equal halves, if only because that means I can send it to the Dissymmetry pool on Flickr.

Something bright and hopeful about this. Though the picture has the feel of a descent, it is a descent to the right, and if it’s this bright “near land,” close to the top, what lies below has to be wonderful. There is quantitatively “more” in the world because this picture exists, and qualitatively too.

Note: The photograph “BART handrail” can be found in my photostream at Flickr.com

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